About me

All blogs start somewhere.

Back in 2010, this blog was set up so I could maintain correspondence with my dear old mum. Since then I’ve continued to travel around Europe, participating a number of art projects and the blog developed into something akin to a journal. Having survived for a few years off a mixture of arts practice and ad-lib living this blog is evolving to be more about life and culture.

I’ve traveled almost continuously since leaving the rolling knolls and tree hugging of my pastoral Arts College. Between then and now I’ve worked as a:

— Fine artist

— Graphic designer

Field worker on an organic farm

— Video artist

Researcher of Turkish geographic and religious history

— Proof-reader & Copy-editor

— Digital Artist

— Project manager for an independent Community Arts project

— Freelance photographer

— Welder

Boat hand

— Researcher into the cultural identity of Aegina

— Performance artist

— ESL teacher

— Barman and Waiter

— Journalist

— Web designer

Libyan office clerk

Children‘s story writer

— Model

— Promoter

Phonics teacher

Enriched by all these experiences, I’ve continued to explore my own ideas and skills, taking what I can from what is available to me and contributing to my own creative lineage which now threads across world.

Artist Statement

Idly relishing the joy that comes from being involved in a creative process is to with making things one believes to be beautiful.

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