[ˈʤˈbeɪnɪet] : Call for Articles



Bi-monthly releases
First edition: June/July edition

Website: http://www.rubber-bodies.com


This is an open invitation for written, filmed, and photographed articles on the subject of arts, culture and life. These subjects are open to interpretation but the articles will be published in a not for profit e-zine that will be released on a bi-monthly basis. The e-zine is being supported by the Maltese arts group, the rubberbodies collective, who are helping to produce this e-zine in Malta. The e-zine’s purpose is primarily to advocate an exchange between nations and cultures and to invite discourses, dialogues and discussions into the Maltese community whilst providing a service for the arts community globally.

As the e-zine intends to communicate ideas, design is really important. Consider design as a vehicle, its’ purpose is to carry information safely from A to B without accidents and without disturbing its’ passenger. Similarly, in an ideal world everyone would use the perfect vehicle to communicate between A and B. If you know what vehicle you would like to use and you want to design your own article’s pages you are welcome to do this. If not then we will place the article in a basic neutral design. Remember that we want to share your ideas, opinions and observations and not in obscuring them (at least unintentionally).

If you would like to contribute to this publication you are welcome to send your material to anthony@rubber-bodies.com.

We are looking for arts, arts and arts based articles including:

photographs, artworks, photojournalism, journals, journalist research, research papers, creative writing, artistic/social criticism, reviews (impartial), visual arts, curatorial material, choreographic, sculptural , dancer, film, arts related material, business in art, sociology, philosophy, independent arts groups, outsider arts, music, sound art, installation arts, art history, art studies, cultural studies, analyses of language, technology in art, technology, technosophy, discourses on aesthetics, social history, the sublime, the uncanny, peculiarities, graphic design, typography, the isms, food and food culture, poetry, prose, studies of artists, autobiographical studies, psychology, science and the arts, story telling, graphic novels, and the list goes on…

When submitting articles you should pack and send them in the easiest way possible:

If you have created the design for your article, you should save it as an A4 PDF with any embedded images compressed to screen resolution (72ppi). All material embedded in the PDF should also be sent to us separately as with a normal submission [with no layout design].

Text should be sent in a word document (.doc) or text file (.txt).

Images can be saved as 72 PPI jpegs and can be smallest 200 x 200 pixels and largest 1500 x 1500 pixels in dimension. Send groups of images in zipped folders. If you don’t know how to prepare your images, simply send us them in a zipped folder and we can arrange them.

Videos and audio should be uploaded to youtube, soundcloud or another website for hosting media. A link can be sent us.

If you have any questions you should email us! We are open to alternative media,
this information only forms a guide for what we prefer to receive. Thank you! and be in touch!

If you want to make a submission you can consider the following information:

  • Arts and Culture baby.
  • Submissions are preferably in English although alternative language submissions will be considered.
  • You are free to design your submissions layout and presentation etc.
  • Photographic articles or video articles will need some kind of contextualising information.
  • Our focus is on sharing ideas, activities and culture, we will not use articles that are not relevant to our mission 🙂
  • Good design communicates the article better! It doesn’t cramp it.
  • Collections of materials should be zipped or linked to for download.
  • Images should be compressed to 72 ppi.


Information is free. Free to travel, to be exchanged, to be changed. This e-zine is an platform for literary and visual arts and culture related intercourse. Such intercourse promotes cultural and ideological exchanges that should promote cultural growth and development everywhere. But, just as any functional society is, this development is dependent on the participation and engagement of it’s participating communities. Whilst a vast array of opinions may exist virtually on the internet, the internet is not a consolidated and easily navigated source of information. Online communities are capable of profound depths of informational exchange yet such discourse is often lost in the vastness of the web. The binding nature of a journal or e-zine, the pinpointing of articles on a specific point and for a specific purpose, make such articles genuinely valuable to readers.

We hope to offer and promote alternative perspectives and insight to the worlds, both imagined and realised, of others. This e-zine is an experiment and we are aware that whilst this will be a rich resource for some, others may conversely discover nothing of “value”.

One’s articulation always decides the effectiveness of a statement. What is the best way to communicate one’s information, what is the information’s context and how will this affect its translation? This freedom might have parentheses such as a forum’s linear layout, lingual limitations, or font restrictions, but one can innovate a way to negotiate such issues. In response to this, submitters are free to create their own designs for their articles.