Falmouth Hoover Orchestra

On the subject of events that don’t make much sense, Paul White is hosting a scored Hoover Orchestra on the 10th of March 1012. The event will a part of the Concourse program that will be taking place at the Dartington Performance Center on the Falmouth College Campus (UK). The event will is set to be 30 minutes long but characteristic to White, the composer is reluctant to impose definite time restrictions on the performance.

Glean what you can from this short Q&A:

Q. What did you have for breakfast today?

A. Muesli

Q. What, why hoovers?

A. They are tonal and domestic.

Q. Where is the score coming from?

A. Still writing/looking.

Q. Do you care about aesthetics or theory?

A. Yes and yes

Q. Has Rob Gawthrop addled your mind?

A. No

Q. How long is this performance?

A. Not quite sure

Q. Is there an audience or only an ensemble?

A. Both.

Q. What is the intention of it?

A. To be in the present.

Q. What is the future of this project?

A. Infinite reverberations.

Q. Where might it go?

A. Anywhere.

Q. Where might you go?

A. Somewhere.

Q. You cite John Cage‘s 4:33 as a source of inspiration, that is from the 50’s, is your work modern or contemporary?

A. Neither.

Q. Does Hubert Cecil Booth give a damn?

A. I hope so.

Extract from Facebook:

Do you own a hoover/vacuum cleaner?

I should jolly well hope so. If you want to make some DIRTY NOISE and do a spot of cleaning at the same time, then bring your sucking appliance to Concourse at the performance centre where we will fire up the bad boys for a HOOVER HAPPENING! there will be a score.

Dysons, Henrys, Handy Vacs, Black and Deckers, Hetties, Whirlpools I don’t care what brand you got, I don’t care how you get it here, just get here if you can. Lovely stuff.

>>>>>>>>>Let me know if you are coming with a hoover so I can get enough plug sockets.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This is part of Concourse init >

After what will happen has happened we can all go to 5below where The Dancing Dead (Rockabilly/Jump Jive) are playing a gig, followed by myself and Hannah Dean on tha decks.


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