Gentlemen: just a quick one

This is a re-post for anyone who missed it the first time. Initially it was granted a smile, but then on second thoughts it is completely inappropriate.

Floriana’s and Valletta’s Carnival celebrations are distinctly infantile in their orientation. Respectively the lead demographic attending these events are children and their parents. The advert that can be seen on the float’s pulley (a tractor in a box) is clearly not self-mocking or lighthearted. It is a direct advertisement to young male teenagers and more importantly the fathers and husbands at the event.

The company website has quite terrible portrait photography on it, despite the companies claims of high quality standards such images really make it appear a cheap sexual venture. At the moment there is some debate ongoing regarding the monitoring of such clubs, there is controversy over what constitutes illegal behavior in a strip club. One such activity appears to be the stripping itself as twice last year Romanian Lap dancers were arrested for doing just this. Then there is a fantastic article by Kristina Chetcuti who has written an impassioned article on the clubs around Malta.

Whilst the articles relating to Malta’s strip clubs are not in any way related to Carnival, this little microcosm of sex work simply shouldn’t be attached to a social family orientated event (as it is today).

Anyway the visual combination of tractor motor, a man’s crotch and an advert selling sex has a clichĂ©d kind of humour attached to it.

Deja Vu Gentlemens Club
Deja Vu Gentlemens Club

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