Floating City (Sterling’s Article)

The human species is ever adaptable, ever changing, and forever innovating. Where there are opportunities for social development and the people are not oppressed, creativity takes the upper hand of the situation.

What were environmentally responsive, quick-build, housing projects are now modern and tech-ed up properties (although often still shanty) popular in Serbia today. These constructions known as Splavovi have been highlighted and discussed by Bruce Sterling recently. Sterling is a fantastic contemporary journalist, famous for developing and writing around the steam-punk and cyber-punk movements. He describes where Splavovi come from and what variations exist.

Whilst Splavovi might not be the most intellectually demanding architectural constructions they remain modern history in the making. How these constructions will be portrayed in the future may well be interesting and may well be romanticized upon. They have developed as a symbol of people power (in the clichéd 60’s sense) and very much represent a culture and society in a very particular stage of development.

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Floating City (Hands On)

See link above for Sterling’s article.


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