Having lived in Beyoğlu for something like 5 months, I feel almost shameful for having not found these places. Although the image portrayed here doesn’t reflect the Istanbul I remember at all.
Beyoğlu is on what is considered the “Western side” of Istanbul and is north of the Golden Horn, a small river that divides the old Constantinople from the “new” Istanbul. Galata is a very busy area at the end of a large “pedestrianised” street, İstiklal, which also connects you to Taxim Meydanı. There are a lot of contradictions in Istanbul, for example a modern and suave hotel might be just around the corner from a shanty town with house façades and just just the façade, nothing inside. Still, despite the advertisements in this article, it is interesting to see what else lies in Beyoğlu other than what you might already know.


Places that you shouldn’t miss…
If you feel awkward eating alone in restaurants then Mavra is the perfect place, especially for breakfasts when it’s a bit more quiet (actually it’s very quiet, at some point we found ourselves murmuring). During lunch hours though, it gets pretty busy, people usually come here to work on their laptops, to talk about projects etc. Very cool place with a beautiful atmosphere and delicious food! Şahkulu Mah. Serdar-ı Ekrem Cad. No: 31 Daire:A, Beyoğlu Istanbul Province, Istanbul

You enter this place and you immediately fall in love with the atmosphere. There is an old turkish song playing on a record player in the background. There is a sweet lady working there. She owns the place and when she sees us taking photos she says ‘A new camera never creates the same beauty of an old one’. She shows us a photo her husband took…

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