Film, Moog and Splice: Gershon Kingsley

Something of an unknown legend, Gershon Kingsley was born in Germany under the name Götz Gustav Ksinski prior to the rise of the Nazi party. Before WW2 erupted he fled with his family to Palestine (to what is now Isreal). In his teens he was unable to attend further education and was forced to find education at night whilst earning money as a musician. Later he moved to America where he moved into what many still consider to be the contemporary music scene.

Having worked for a while on splicing sounds together, early cut-up techniques, Kingsley then moved on to pioneer music on the Moog synthesizer. Even though many people attribute the song Popcorn to Crazy Frog, it was Gershon Kingsley created this work along with his Moog Quartet. Anything inspired by popcorn machine from the 70s has to be cool.

Listen to Popcorn on Grooveshark!

Kingsley is credited with creating influential music, this is fantastic that far surpasses the awareness that people actually have of him. He worked on the early Moog synthesizers and contributed to its development, persuading Robert Moog to develop more synthesizers. Collaborative projects with beat poets and singers resulted works such as “have it grab it or go”.

Listen to have it grab it or go on Grooveshark!

Gershon worked on a number of film soundtracks and whilst most of it is considered to be truly terrible cinema it could be recommended a watch. “Sugar Cookies is the title of one such movie, soft-core pornography mixed in with crime scene investigations. In the same vein of low brow entertainment, the film “Silent Night, Bloody Night”, also with Kingsley as the engineer of the films soundtrack, is set to be remade by UK production company North Bank Entertainment. It is to be entitled, “Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming“. Filming is set to begin in Wales, UK in 20th April 2012. As all cliches must have some bearing in the realm of truth, the original as poor as it is may well be better than the remake. At any rate, to appreciate the beauty of the original it makes good practice to check it out.


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