Intolerance: Love’s Struggle through the ages

Released in 1916, D.W. Griffith produced this American epic, and influential, black and white silent film is called Intolerance: Love’s struggle through the ages. The title literally translates to be the films running theme and perhaps due to this simple fact the content seems timeless. The troubles of present day man seem to be pretty much the same and this seems to be the point. There are four stories that are connected subjectively and they are used to emphasize a running character trait in mankind.

Greed, trust, love, and hate all conspire to make human lives a turbulent ride from beginning to end. Whilst at times the caricature translation of the acting makes the film quite incredible today, the overall product is still poignant and powerful today.

Whilst this is an important contributor to American film culture it is also an interesting subject for those studying graphic design. The opening heading for example has been noted for its five different stylised iterations of D.W. Griffith’s name. – Very cool film. Watch it.


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