A Screaming Orgasm

Sometimes life seems challenging, not just because there is a lot to do but because everyone wants to peck at you whilst you work. Actually that isn’t it either, there is that fact that one should adopt a particular upward and onward stance. To the Future and Beyond! And like the global economy at the moment, the only way is up. Only, it is not just the production of money that has a downside but the constant desire for more “life-action-value” is also depressing. The simple reason for that is that one’s feelings are quite deliberately temperamental, as though nature had intended that once the human being had acquired something it should then seek to further its domain. Wanting means not having, so the more we want the less we have (logically). So my aspirations for more travel, more money, more food, simply mean that I have less and less and that isn’t really going to result in happiness. At least it doesn’t feel like it is.

Perhaps I haven’t kept to the point, if I had one to start, but the fact is that as long as I breathe the “values” laden air exhumed by the western ideological social machine that is, actually just a simple one, my native society: I will always be dissatisfied with my own value. I hope that makes sense because I want it to represent my gut feelings of insecurity when I wake in the morning.

To advance from this morbid introduction, I have taken residence in Malta’s capital, Valletta. What’s more is that I have found employment with the very amiable chief designer for tinyislandstudio.

With that I will share with you some photographs of the wraps that we ate for lunch the other day.

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