Adam Thompson

So I made an Adam Thompson the other day for lunch. It is a great salad that is full of flavour. The only issue I found with my dish was with the quality of the tomato. As a supermarket tomato the flavour was just not up to standard.


This tasty salad is made by throwing the following ingredients together:


A big handful of lightly fried black sunflower seeds (lightly fried in olive oil and seasoned with half a red onion, a little dried chilli, peanuts, salt and pepper – these seasoning ingredients are added to the pan shortly before the sunflower seeds are fully cooked so that the onion just has time to soften.)

Feta Cheese

A Handful of Peanuts

A Big Handful of Fresh Dill (finely diced)

Half a Red Onion (finely diced)

Two Big Handfuls of Bitter Green Spinach (finely diced)



Big Black Olives


One Big Tomato (Sliced)

Grana Padano


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Single Hair from My Head


Adam Thompson Salad Close up
Adam Thompson Salad Close up

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