“Une réflexion personnelle sur le mouvement social du 15-M,á Madrid, 2011.”

Jérémie Magar’s short video work, “Une réflexion personnelle sur le mouvement social du 15-M,á Madrid, 2011”, looks at the events that took place in Spain early in 2011. The unification of the people and the energy that accompanies it is beautifully shot. The interludes show the artist in a cliché pose, the outsider, the observer, one step back from the events yet necessarily in them. The footage itself being of course representative of that fact that the artist must be there to feel it yet there must also be the objective stance present too.

The film has been shot free-hand and this is considerately maintained throughout. Whilst this is effective as a camera technique, the differences between the nature of the event itself and then the interludes which show the artist are not really acknowledged and as such the impact of the protest is carried much more adequately then the interludes are. What I mean by this is that the camera is clearly able to direct our focus and lead an audience through the events taking place without there being a sense of dissatisfaction. There is so much taking place visually that we are content to see as much as the camera can capture. On the other hand the contemplative interludes attempt a sense of intimacy or openness which is not fully explored by the camera. In the most basic terms the camera does not attempt to expose the observer/thinker in the same way as it explores the event. It is not as confident in breaching the personal space that is established. On a basic level more close-ups could have been used to expose the character.

Despite the atmosphere created by the people being largely the focus of the visual material, the sinister closing shot of the film brings it back to the underlying cause of the protest.


If the video above does not work then the film can be found here on Megavideo.


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