Hengist: Where did we get to?

It has been a while since I last began to work on a Hengist book cover. The reason being of course that there has been no time to do this but I feel as though very soon I will have one of these books in hands, raw, and in need of some visual jazz to make it ripe for the coffee table, the bedside table, or gripped in hands of a reader.

Before I get back to it though I wanted to put up the past works together and chronologically. This is a laying out of the past works, the linear progression of each cover and each poster provides a look into the development of the artist as he computes the intentions of the author, what image does the story have?

Call me neurotic if you will, although of course there is always an unspoken ulterior motive for anything one does.

Blaise (click here for the Blaise White Horse Logo)

Archer Cover
Archer Cover: This book cover used images sourced entirely by the author and was laid out in a style that was felt to be a book series style.
Archer promotional poster (black)
Archer promotional poster (black): Creating a dramatic event feel in anticipation of the Launch event.
Archer promotional poster (green)
Archer promotional poster (green): Using images from the book cover.
Rory green book-cover
Rory green book-cover: As a rule the green covers were supposed to be composed to appeal to a middle aged audience of a particular taste. This meant using colours and images that would appeal to a naturalists sensibilities. What I mean is that the cover is to use colours and pictures that are typically reassuring and peaceful. The overall affect of the layout is to have a sense of order and calm.
Rory Cover White
Rory Cover White: The target demographic for this cover are young teenagers and older children. The white book covers are appealing to this demographic because they are more attune to the conceptualised graphics and the contrast between colour fields and objects. The layout is ordered as with the Green cover with the same title. However there is some overlapping of images and layers that makes the images appear more chaotic and exciting. The designated spaces for text and images gives a clearer more contemporary feel to this book cover.
RORY promotional poster
RORY promotional poster: The theme was taken from the white book cover series and is intended to appeal to a younger audience of teenagers and older children. The poster is laid out to be bottom heavy, descending from a point to a spread base, where the launch date was centrally positioned (not in this image). The central image was a composite of images and drawings laid out in a parody of the 007 poster for the film "Live and Let Die". The characters are titled as playing cards and are representative of characters from the "Rory" novel.

Reagan Green Cover (Click here for the Reagan Green Cover image)

Reagan white cover
Reagan white cover: Using the template for the Rory white book cover, this book uses the character cards as a way of introducing the books characters in a light and friendly way. The use of white and black spaces divides the cover up subjectively and creates clear areas for the images and text. The purple lines spn the whole cover and bind front and back content. This work takes from the Rory series the idea of using a conceptual style to draw focus intensely to the key parts of the cover: Image and text.

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