Portfolio of all thinGs BiG and Small

Billie and the beyoglu boys in Kumbara CafeBillie and the Beyoglu boys at the Treehouse CafeArt of Nonconsequence 10Sensing-Sensed (screenshot)Sensing-Sensed (screenshot)Jam on the Wall
Shaking hands with Ghosts (screenshot)Art of Nonconsequence 6Sensing-Sensed (screenshot)PORTRAITS OF ANYONEPORTRAITS OF ANYONEPORTRAITS OF ANYONE
Interactive Journey – Dartington Estate A Priori’Globalist Sphere (illustration)img_8PORTRAITS OF ANYONEDuetPORTRAITS OF ANYONE
DuetCollageDuel HillTelephone BoothColour by NumbersInteractive Journey – Dartington Estate A Priori’

These images constitute my portfolio as it remains after two hard-drive failures.
The only specifying quality of this set is that the material is all made by Anthony Askew and in collaboration with others.

There is also this material that I had lost but managed to retrieve from another hosting website. Whilst the written material is in need of revision it is still a useful book to have if you are looking into causal artwork and into dialogical responses.


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