The Maltese

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The Maltese, Matthew Pandolfino and Rebecca Camilleri are the Maltese. Everyone else is something else.

Mediterranean, Slavic, Germanic (Anglo Saxon?) What ever categorisation fits these people best… Obviously I am referring to the people in the images and no to the Maltese as suggested in the title of the set.

Whilst I completely failed to really get to grips with Malta there were a few key things about the place that I would like to remember/record. One such observation is that Malta’s social atmosphere is curious affine with Istanbul’s in that the pressure of religious obligations, particularly in regards of male/female relations, appears to be obvious. The machismo attitudes of men are very prominent but this may be a changing social scene and actually I can not comment on it with certainty. The similarity that I draw is with Turkish men and their blatant superiority complexes when it comes to their relations with women. Women are definitely victimised in Turkey, Istanbul is a pale reflection on a larger scale problem. Human rights seem to be a point of concern in Turkey that needs serious revision. For a while after reading up on the progress of EU agendas with Turkey it seemed possible that Turkey could become assimilated into the EU. However it is actually far clearer that this is a distant dream whilst Turkey is still unable to carry out fair court cases against men who violate women’s rights. I am not implying that Malta is like this, but rather there is some sense of male superiority that comes across, maybe there is more of a historical reference than a modern one in Malta to this particular misogenistic mentality.

Malta also has a romanticised history, it has a touristic economy, the arts are emerging but more likely to be consumed by the demand for touristic cultural construction rather than the call for Malta: The avant-garde island. Istanbul is similar in this although Istanbul definitely has a contemporary arts scene. The rest of Turkey does not seem to have one of these.

The food in Malta is very good, Maltese sausage is very tasty, Pan and Reb are great cooks and great hosts and great artists.

Portfolio of all thinGs BiG and Small

Billie and the beyoglu boys in Kumbara CafeBillie and the Beyoglu boys at the Treehouse CafeArt of Nonconsequence 10Sensing-Sensed (screenshot)Sensing-Sensed (screenshot)Jam on the Wall
Shaking hands with Ghosts (screenshot)Art of Nonconsequence 6Sensing-Sensed (screenshot)PORTRAITS OF ANYONEPORTRAITS OF ANYONEPORTRAITS OF ANYONE
Interactive Journey – Dartington Estate A Priori’Globalist Sphere (illustration)img_8PORTRAITS OF ANYONEDuetPORTRAITS OF ANYONE
DuetCollageDuel HillTelephone BoothColour by NumbersInteractive Journey – Dartington Estate A Priori’

These images constitute my portfolio as it remains after two hard-drive failures.
The only specifying quality of this set is that the material is all made by Anthony Askew and in collaboration with others.

There is also this material that I had lost but managed to retrieve from another hosting website. Whilst the written material is in need of revision it is still a useful book to have if you are looking into causal artwork and into dialogical responses.

Missed Opportunities? So Steal New Ones

Its often surprising how things turn out when things start going wrong. Now I have got past the opening sentence I can just jump into whats going on.

I’m in Istanbul today. I should be in Malta. On the 4th of March I have my second flight to Malta leaving from the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. My first flight also left from this airport, it left on the first, but as the plane departed I sat on the bus heading into Istanbul from Sahiba Gokcen Airport. Sahiba Gokcen, thats the airport in Asia, on the other side of the Bosporus from where I was supposed to be. What happened next was the, to be expected, journey “home” to Balo Sokak where in I thought contemplatively about my circumstances. Of course I had to conclude that I was a dick but yet there is more at play. I’m not notably oblivious to commonsense things, and getting to the correct airport is not something that I would normally get wrong. So the obvious answer is that I have been stressed. I think my lifestyle is stressful and I haven’t been giving myself headspace to recollect or organise myself. If I can’t do this then surely I cannot be able to do my work cognitively either. So there is a problem isn’t there.

Now maybe it could be argued that we all make mistakes but then I have a near parallel story from my travels in England. On my way to London from Falmouth for my flight to Istanbul (where I am now) I stopped at Plymouth, went for a walk, had lunch, and missed my connecting train. That is, I missed the train by less than a minute but I still missed it. This was ok because I was simply forwarded on by the staff at the station who were functioning in a humanitarian way on this day.

Since returning to the base where Billie Beckley and Rachael Clerke reside on Balo Sokak, I have attempted to consolidate my thoughts to some extent in order to allow for my brain to rest. Of course I have been distracted though by the lives of those who I live with: So I’m not resting. I should say that I am in Istanbul because I am working on developing a film for the Chasing the Green Man theatre company who are developing the performance Ben Geldim Gidiyorum. The film will function to set various contexts for the performers but will also contribute to the narrative of the performance. As a work in development I understand the performers to be working in a DIY, highly visual, devised theatre performance style. This is to say that the movements or the actions that the performers use is the rhetoric device and spoken words are not always necessary. Although saying that performers tend to be quite demanding visually anyway as the nature of performance is quintessentially to steal attention, to draw it in, or to, the actions of the performer and whatever they may be interfacing with at that time.

So to NOW!
The work that I have been engaged with for Chasing the Green Man must be documented and installed in a slideshow – as slideshows are the future, past, present of pictorial information exchanges – being flicks of imagery. Nothing compares to the live flow of the organic eye when it comes to seeing does it? I will have to continue to develop this as it doesn’t have any images in it at the time of writing.. (apologies) Because either wordpress or flickr or both parties are acting in a cunty way, I can not embed a slideshow here. So instead of the highly visual presentation I had intended I have to just have a link.

The above images [I mean the link] relate directly to this project in Istanbul.

The images below [or rather found by clicking this link] function as documentation for Billie Beckley’s current musical project that has a variety of names including, Billie and the Börek Boys, Billie Not on Holiday, and, Billie and the Beyoğlu Boys. These images are from gigs in Kumbara and the Treehouse Cafes in the central Istanbul area (around and just off Istiklal Caddesi).

There are some videos on Youtube too for Billie’s project. I have chosen to call it Billie’s project because whilst she is in the band the above titles are assumed. But without Billie these bands are nothing. Billie has a profound effect on the world around her.

Before all of this I had a problem with my hard drives and I lost my entire portfolio that I have been attempting to piece together since that fateful day – always back up your shit, especially when your still a nobody. The remnants of which can also be found below.


So now I have to stop and think about what happens next. The project in Malta is a creative intermission for the project in Istanbul which is in itself a break from the project in Falmouth… I think I have found identified my problem.

Perhaps this is too much of a simplification of my problem but I doubt that that is the case. Rob Gawthrop once said of me that I am verbose.