Anti-depressants: Art and Action (not really what the post is about)

Falmouth Harbour by William Turner
Falmouth Harbour by William Turner

Turner’s painting, ‘Falmouth Harbour Cornwall’, seems to depict the outcrop that currently habitates the public swimming pool. Obviously there are a few years between now and the time at which Turner made this painting but the level of unemployment depicted has changed very little. It is difficult to get the perspective that Turner found because Falmouth has spread out and added a distinctive urban grey that wasn’t contesting with the sky in 1812.

It remains a painting to be seen though in some contemporary manifestation; largely due to the fact that the idea of revitalizing the archaic representative and narrative style of work that existed within classical painting, and bringing it forward into the age of mechanical reproduction in an accessible way, is a pointless social imperative. Additionally the idea of distorting the status of seemingly untouchable works is of incontestable value to art and society equally, the ursurping of pedastols ought to be a promoted way of life and should replace the current ideological epidemic of self-deprecative living.

Another underlying purpose to this work is to liven up and rekindle the cultural identity of Falmouth town by unsettling the sediment of daily life, giving rigour to the local cultural situation. This would promote the historical identity of the site as well as a much needed energy towards doing things within the confines of the town.

The site that this work utilises is a fantastic but unused performance space located on the surface of the redundant Woolworths store on the Falmouth highstreet. This work can only be viewed from a few very specific places on the hill facing the coast; which makes the work something of a hidden and secret piece of work which commands a degree of exclusivity.

Roof Space with Turner Painting not where it will be actually positioned because it is too far to the right
Roof Space with Turner Painting not where it will be actually positioned because it is too far to the right

The image itself is approximately of the proportions 160cm by 240cm and is framed in a classically styled gold frame. Usually the frame is described as that, “gold”, with no further details outlining the structure of the device [device is used because of the utilitarian nature of the frame [framing device]]. Normally frames are constructed out of plaster of wood but this frame is a blend of wire, papier mache and fabrics. It is then painted gold. It must be sexy.



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