Hengist: Call of the Horse

Recently, the Hengist series written by Jacky Gray has been demanding my attention. Not that I am currently reading the book or writing for it for that matter, I am actually developing the book’s covers, and that is plural because each book is being released more than once. Since book two in the Series, Rory, the covers have been split between “the green” and “the white”. The green has what I would say is a more textbook appearance whilst the second crafted in a more playful and imaginative parody of the 1970’s “Live and Let Die” poster by Robert E. McGinnis.

Reagan: The Green Cover 2011 pre-release

Each design is specially constructed to suit the content of the book that it has bound in its parenthetical grip: It is a cover after all. The latest book, Reagan, is the third in the series and follows the exploits of Reagan, the young but capable protagonist. The books two primary target demographics appear at first glance to be polar opposites but given the success of the series so far, as I have heard it, to appeal to both young teenage and adult readers and those women of a particular disposition for teenage romance. Apparently there is a similar phenomenon taking place in regards to a particular teen vampire film and book series. Its not comfortable to stomach I know.

Reagan: the White Cover 2011 pre-release

Apart from this I have not had time to do much else. The New Year was a failure to comply issue as my body arrived at the pub to late to see the new year come in. What a shame. Instead I re-learnt how to mosh into the early hours whilst the man operating the pubs compact disc player flicked his way through the metal hits of the naughties.

As it stands I am packing away my belongings, the sheer quantity of technical apparatus is now beginning to out-gun the fabrics that are to adorn my back. A sure sign of the times.


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